Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Flood?

The short answer is yes, like any River navigation the River Soar is subject to fluctuations in water levels at times of heavy and prolonged rainfall. The River can rise by as much as 4 feet but there are some basic steps which can be taken to avoid problems with mooring. Most moorings are now supplied with a pole and ring system which allows the boat to rise and fall with the water level but this is not foolproof as there is always a risk of the boat catching either on the way up or, more commonly, on the way back down again. For this reason we try to keep a very close eye on things when changes in water levels are anticipated.

Once you've been here for a while, the floods come and go and we all get used to them so don't let it put you off. For those with experience only of canals, this can be a little daunting at first but many boaters miss out on the joys of river cruising for fear of this over-hyped occurrence. Once you have witnessed one or two floods they become little more than a minor inconvenience.

In the event of a rapid rise in levels while you are cruising on the river, there are various ‘safe havens’ on the River Soar in the form of canal cuts, where stable levels are assured. You are never far away from a safe mooring.

What Facilities are there?

These are not extensive! Fresh water and electricity (from card meters) is within reach of most moorings and there is a chemical toilet emptying sump on site. Electricity cards are available on site but dedicated in-line credit meters can be provided at an additional cost. Most other services and facilities are available at the immediately adjacent Sileby Mill Boatyard. These include diesel and Calor gas supply, pump-out, chandlery and servicing/repairs etc..

Security is maintained by the access gates being kept closed most of the time (gate key available against small returnable deposit) and a number of strategically placed residential boats. There is a very limited amount of hard standing available for long term projects.

Are there Moorings available?

We are usually full but it is always worth asking! We can accommodate boats up to 72 ft. in length on a mixture of finger and linear moorings and there is a very limited number of wide beam berths available. In the first instance please contact us via email stating you requirements regarding dimensions and duration and we will see if we can accommodate you. Most the boaters at Sileby Marine are long term moorers. If space isn't available immediately you will be placed on a waiting list and notified as soon as a suitable mooring becomes available.

Charges are "pence per foot" (available upon request) and whilst invoiced quarterly, payment by monthly standing order is preferred.

Can I work on my boat at Sileby Marine?
Absolutely. Sileby Marine has a thriving community of owners who regularly spend time tinkering with their boats so a little mess is not frowned upon. We hope that you find it a very convivial atmosphere and which you'll enjoy being part of. Most weekends are busy with the hum of a power tool but come early evening things settle down with the smell of the Barbecue and the popping of the odd cork or two.
Do I need a Licence to Moor at Sileby Marine?
No, Sileby Marine is classed as an "off-line" facility meaning that there is no requirement for the boat to be licensed which is ideal if you are fitting out or restoring your vessel. The boat does however need to be insured and obviously you need to purchase a licence when you venture on to the river. Licences, both short and long term, are available from the adjacent Sileby Mill Boatyard.
I want to Live aboard?
Please contact us via email if you have any requirements for residential moorings. There are a very limited number available.
Life on the River Soar?

The River Soar is a well-kept secret, meandering in peaceful isolation through delightful scenery. Amazingly, it was once the most profitable commercial navigation in Britain. Now it accommodates pleasure boats of all sizes - river cruisers, narrowboats, canoes and dinghies. Attractive villages such as Mountsorrel alternate with quiet river meadows, and often your only companions will be swans on the river and the occasional express train on the nearby railway.

The River Soar continues the line of the Grand Union Canal northward from Leicester to the River Trent. It steadily grows in size and depth as it approaches the confluence with the Trent. It is rich in wildlife and almost entirely rural.


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